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Studio One Mixing Template
  • One of the most popular templates on the internet, since Studio One is one of the most used DAW by the new generations of Producers and Mixing Engineers.
  • This template is compatible from Studio One 4.5 onwards (works perfectly in Studio One 5.x)


  • Full version of Presonus Studio One 4.5 or 5.x


Required Plugins:

  • Presonus Studio One Natives v4/5


Template Specifications:

  • File size: Approximately 70kb
  • Number of channels: 55
  • effect buses
  • Buses for parallel compression and sidechain



Please make sure that all your tracks have the correct gain (gain staging so that the compression processing contained in this template can react correctly. If you notice that some instruments or tracks are being compressed too much you can adjust the gain by lowering maybe a couple of dB or vice versa. In the same way you can adjust the compressor if you have experience.

Also, make sure to align the project/session tempo with the actual tempo of your song, this will affect certain plugins that are set to align with the project tempo, Delays for example.


Template content:


Drum Channels:

  • Kick in 1
  • Kick in 2
  • kick out
  • snare top 1
  • snare top 2
  • snare bottom
  • Tom 1
  • Tom 2
  • Floor Tom 1
  • Floor Tom 2
  • Hi Hats
  • riding
  • overheads
  • Room A
  • Room B


Bass Channels:

  • bass amp
  • Bass DI


Guitar Channels:

  • Rhythm Guitar L1
  • Rhythm Guitar R1
  • Rhythm Guitar L2
  • Rhythm Guitar R2
  • Lead Guitar L1
  • Lead Guitar R1
  • Lead/Solo Guitar L2
  • Lead/Solo Guitar R2
  • Clean Guitar L
  • Clean Guitar R


Voice Channels:

  • Main Vox
  • Main Vox 2
  • voice 3
  • voice 4


Other Channels:

  • Processed Instrument Group Buses
  • Effects buses per instrument (reverb, delay and saturation)
  • Organization folders in the timeline


Studio One Mixing Template

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